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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tips for weight loss

Before starting with the tips of weight loss, it is very much logical to know why we actually need to do that. This is because more the size of waist implies more the space to welcome diseases like laziness, passiveness, etc which in turn increases the weight giving space to bigger and bigger diseases. Obesity always make augmented sweating, snoring, difficulty in sleeping, inability to manage sudden physical activities, feeling very much tired every day, and pain in back and joint follows on the regular basis. Moreover long term of obesity is followed by high blood pressure (hypertension), and high cholesterol levels (fatty deposits blocking up your arteries), and  type 2 diabetes - a chronic (long-term) condition that is caused by too much glucose in the blood. In the long term, obesity increases your risk of a number of serious medical conditions dramatically.
Along with those physical problems, fat body also usually has some Psychological problems. These may include:

* having low self-esteem,

* having a poor self-image (not liking how you look),

* having very much low confidence levels,

* feeling isolated in society, or

* having reduced mobility leading to a poor quality of life.

But knowing that it is always good to remain away from fatness is not enough, but some steps need to be taken and some of the very useful tips are :

-> Be a SMART planner

To be smart, you need to be

S Specific

M Measured

A Appropriate

R Realistic

T Time bound

regarding what you want to achieve. Let’s say for instance your aim is
to boost your substantial activity, then write down the type of activity you are
planning to do,how many times a day you can do it practically, and for how many
long hours you can do it. Start with short easier and most importantly
interesting goals and work your way up.

-> Keep an eye on the size

By size, it is not only the size of your body but even the size of your
plates that you use to eat every day. Did you know that we eat most of what
is on our plate, no matter what the size of the plate? When you are at home,
use smaller plates; they will make you take small portions. When eating out,
share an entrée! Research shows that parts today are often larger enough for
more than two people to share.

-> Balance your (food) checkbook

The most important thing you need to take care about is type of food rather
than quantity of food. Keep a diary of what you eat and how much physical
activity you get each day. Then, at the end of each week, record your weight
in the same diary. You and your health provider can use this information to
adjust your eating and physical activity plan to find the best way to reach
your goal.

-> Am I full yet?

The question may take longer to answer than you think. It takes 15 minutes or
more for the message that we’re full to get from our stomachs to our brains.
So take a little time before deciding for that next helping. Having trouble
feeling full? Eight glasses (8 ounces each) or more of water or other
noncaloric beverages daily fills you up and keeps you refreshed and more over
vegetables and fruits can make you feel better, especially when you eat them raw.

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