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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Weight loss-Running Routine to Lose Weight

It’s everyone’s desire to lose weight whenever you feel that your weight is too much. Many people end up dieting to try to reduce their body mass. But usually obesity has health complications that may lead to heart diseases and or diabetes. Too much of weight is usually as a result of fat and fluids in the body.

Rather than dieting, there are better approaches to weight loss especially exercising. When you exercise you are able to sweat out thus lose weight. There are many forms of exercising that you may take to lose weight. One of the best exercising is running. You should practice a running routine to lose weight. There are many benefits of running that leads to weight loss. They include:

* Burns calories

Calories are a measure the food energy in the body. Fats make up the largest

percentage of calories in the body. Running usually helps in losing up to 100

calories in every mile you run or even walk. What matters is not how fast you

can run. So do not get discouraged of the tiresomeness involved in running.

What matters is how far you can run despite the speed. Since it is not a

competition you can always run at your own pace.

* Flexibility

Everyone works on very tight schedules. But running can be very flexible thus

very beneficial as you may choose to run during lunch breaks or going back

home from work. By the time you get home for other duties you will not even

realize how much you have benefited. When you make it a daily routine and fix

it in your schedules you will benefit loads.

* Interesting routine

At first running may be very exhaustive but your body has various ways that

helps it adapt to new strains and soon you will realize that you are not

getting tired that quickly like before and you will end up enjoying to run

even more and more.

* Lowers body pressure

Apart from weight loss, other benefits of running are also good for your

health such as lowering the body pressure. Running involves contraction and

expansion of muscles as well as the arteries. This helps in maintaining the

elasticity of the arteries thus free easy flow of blood. The heart is

therefore not stressed maintaining a lower body pressure. Too much of body

pressure is not healthy.

* Psychological benefits

Other than weight loss, benefits of running involve overcoming psychological

disorders. This is usually helpful in reducing stress and depression. The

brains get relaxed and one is less fatigued thus relieved of stress.

* Running for charity

Organizations mostly non-governmental organizations come up with running

events to help raise money for charity. This is one of the major benefits of

running where money is raised to help people in need in the society.

This article is based on facts. Health matters need to be taken seriously. This is because it has got to do with life.

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